Inviting Conversations

Inviting Conversations is a discussion format which invites and welcomes many different viewpoints.

Inviting Conversations has been in the past a discussion group, a regular spot on Ohio & Company,with Eve Meuller and spent two years as a highly-successful program on WSNY Sunny 95 in Columbus, Ohio.

Inviting Conversations is now headquartered in Orlando, Florida and is getting ready to relaunch. Please bear with us as we rebuilding this site and putting all of the elements in place.

IC is actively seeking a new radio station through which to broadcast our discussions. Until then, our conversations will be centered here.


What makes Inviting Conversations different?

Inviting Conversations invites thoughtful discussion between people of differing views. Unlike some other formats, we are not taking one polical "side" and trying to justify its views. We do have certain rules and guidelines.

  • All viewpoints are the be respected.
  • All persons are to be respected, regardless of age, gender, race, culture or sexual orientation. No inappropriate comments are permitted.
  • The Hosts and Guests are to be respected. No inappropriate comments are permitted.
  • Opinions are welcome. Opinions with supportive facts or examples are more welcome.

Founder and Host

Wade K. Meyer is the Founder and Host of Inviting Conversations. He is a graduate of Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio (B.A.-- English) and Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio (M.Ed. -- Educational Leadership).

Wade's Co-Host while on Sunny95 was Randy Winner. Randy is still in Ohio, but will hopefully be a regular contributor to the new format.

Wade Meyer notes, "It is very important that this discussion format be civil, and that all parties feel their opinions are being heard. We certainly are open to criticizing the supportive information of a point of view, such as questioning the facts which lead to that conclusion. But we are not confortable with demeaning the person. There is one exception to this. There is a segment called the Cranial Cramp. A Cranial Cramp is a person who has said something completely unworthy of her or his experience or position. The Cranial Cramp Award is then sent to the recipient.


Comment or Question (COMING SOON!)

Please feel free to leaving us a comment or ask a question. This is monitored regularly. It is also monitored during our live broadcasts. Please keep in mind that any comments you make about our Inviting Conversations may be posted on this web site under our Recent Topics and/or Show Archive unless you specifically state that we cannot use the material.